//////////////////// *Anthony – Do Dragons Exist? How INT?

*Do Dragons Exist? Yes/No
*How Intelligent are they? Scale:1(wild beast)-10(all knowing)
*How are dragons defined? Strength/Power, Knowledge, Guardians, Historians, etc.
_Obviously they are dragons… but what does it mean to be a dragon, what can they contribute.
*What capacity/Involvement? Guides, Bosses, Hooks
*Any additional comments?

Here are my thoughts:
Exist? Yes (duh I’m asking the question.)
INT Scale: 9. Dragon understand magic in ways that humans never have. They live for a very long time and have a keen understand of human behavior and history.
Defined Cunning, Prideful, and not quick to share their knowledge. They hold no particular grudge against humanity, other than their desire for humans to leave them alone. No dragon however looks at a human as an equal. They see humans as we see dogs, and treat them the same.
Involvement A dragon battle would be interesting, but as powerful as a dragon is it would be late game. I have a few ideas for that involvement, but thats a separate thread. Plot/development wise, a dragon(s) could be a source of lore or information for the PC. Being old an wise they would know more and have a better understanding.
Comments Dragons would be rare, very very rare and greatly feared, though not hunted (that would be suicidal). When a dragon is spotted, anyone with sense about them leaves. I can use a dragon or dragons as hooks and lore development.


Again, this is really dependent on the story. I think a different definition of “Dragon” would put a lot more UMPH on the story. We all know about the ancient, all-knowing, fire-breathing, seven story tall lizard, but who would expect a “dragon” to be spirit of natural forces? Imagine a game where Dragons are undefeatable creatures NOT because of their great power, but because of their incoporial nature! Or maybe dragons aren’t creatures at all! Maybe they are physical manifestation of natural forces! Imagine every human that can “cast a spell” actually pulls fire together to form a “fire dragon” and IT burns stuff for you! Maybe the newborn fire dragon doesn’t WANT to burn stuff for you. Maybe part of mastering “magic” is learning to control these manifestations.

Every fantasy game in the known world has dragons. They are always the same freaking dragons we’ve heard of since childhood. People are great at recognizing patterns. So much so that we start to ignore repeats once we accept their presence. You want to get the player’s attention? Turn the expected on it’s head. Change the pattern. We’ve all played Final Fantasy. That story’s done. Time for a new one.


I really like this idea of recreating dragons. Making them something that is part of nature that manifests for magic is an amazing idea


GREAT input Tricen. I love you ideas. So lets brainstorm a bit an put it to paper.

Now on another form we are defining what magic is, which is probably greatly influence this. But if we want dragons to be very important to the characters (as opposed to being important to the story) maybe we would be better of figuring out what our dragons are gonna be. Its like thehicken and the Egg question.

So, Tricen you suggested two things I’d like to think through. Dragons being manifestations of nature and/or dragons (or any spirit possibly) being summons by magic uses to produce magical effects.

I’ll start with the latter idea. Now, for the most part this idea goes against a lot of what I’ve already said magic can do or cannot do, but I’m really cool with that. Good ideas win any day! But this is a REALLY big deal. Do we want our magic to be manifestations of “spirits” ie dragons that then produce a desired effect. I have to admit, I do like this idea. Its a different direction that what i’ve seen before and it has a lot of potential plot influences. Plus it satisfies many of my questions on how magic is defined and it’s role. I can see enemy magic users “merging” with manifestations to become a boss or enemy. Further more I can create a class system of these magic users that explains certain capabilities compared to others: Healers as opposed to merging once for example.

Now the first idea: While this has less of a dramatic effect on our plot and characters, its still important and powerful in it’s own right. This version will be more defined by what we want magic to be as opposed the the “summon” version which works the other way around. This idea is less new, but perhaps safer. With this we would have less new ground and new material to make. And that may be a good thing. Dragons as a natural manifestation can still perform the same tasks as the “common dragon” but only with it’s own unique twist and flavor.

Even if no one can decide, please provide some important. Even with the new vamped versions my previous questions still applies and maybe it will help answer or focus some questions:

  • Do Dragons Exist?
    Obviously we’ve decided yes, only not what form.
  • How Intelligent are they? Scale:1(wild beast)-10(all knowing)
    Even with their new role/form they still have the capability of int. Suggestion something and explain how or why if possible.
  • How are dragons defined? Strength/Power, Knowledge, Guardians, Historians, etc.
    I left this question the same, but again we’re kinda choosing for summon/manifestation or force/spirit. Even then they have to potental for a greater role, even if not at first. Any suggestions or thoughts?
  • What capacity/Involvement?
    Do they exist to support the PCs? Oppose? Guide? Train? Mentor? Hinder? or Neutral/Plot only?
  • Any additional comments?

At the moment I don’t have any additional input or my own thoughts since I’m kinda torn between or choices. So I’ll wait for more feed back

/Say HURRAY for my shortest post yet!!!

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