////////////////////Anthony – How Common is Magic?
Questions regarding the use the manifestation of magic.

*How Common is it to see someone using magic? Scale:1-10(highest)
Can you give a specific example; At least one in every house/village/county.
*How is magic used? Spell books, will power?
*How is manifested? Learned, only the gifted, bloodline/descendants, devices
*How is magic viewed/accepted? Scale 1(taboo)-10(praised)
Please explain out look of the common, and how practitioners handle their craft thereof.
*Any rules about magic limits?
Is magic only manifested as energy, or can things/people be enchanted, can magic be used to make it rain, or summon the dead. Really all that is required is what it cannot do.

Here are my answers with brief explanations of why.

Common 3/10. Most people have seen magic used before, but its not something they see everyday.

Use Magical users are defined in four groups

  1. Un-gifted: Zero ability to use magic. Due to specifics about their birth (ie star alignment) they will never posses magical ability or use magical devices. On the plus side, they are more resistant to the effects of magic as well.
  2. Enabled: Able to use enchanted items, but unable to create them. The enabled possess neither an affinity for or against magic. It is usually by pure charisma or knowledge that they are able to use enchantments or magical artifacts – though perhaps never to it’s full potential.
  3. Learned: Fully capable of magic due to study, learning, and enchantments. They have an affinity for magic, but only in so much as they are able to use it.
  4. Gifted: Complete affinity with magic in all forms. This is due to specifics of birth or bloodline. The gifted have the innate ability to use magic. Though it still requires training, focus, discipline in order to achieve maximum results. The gifted are not only aware of the flow of magic, but also able to manipulate it by will alone. The down side is that the gifted are actual more vulnerable and sensitive to magic.

Acceptance Admired but quickly feared. When one talks of magic it is usually with delight and wonder. When most see magic used, it tend to frighten and evoke fear. While overt magic uses are never turn away, always treated graciously, they often tend to be alone. This is because those who are not gifted while amazed are also fearful of magic. There is no one answer to if their hospitality comes from wonder or fear.

Limits I don’t like the idea of spell books. Not saying the essence of a spell book cannot be used, but i’d prefer for magic to be limited to artifacts and magically enchantments. To further explain my dismay with spell books is the use of incantations and other mumbo jumbo.


A lot of this is dependent on the story your trying to tell. Personally, I’d start by defining what “magic” is. In the strictest sense, magic is a force currently unexplainable by science. Think about the Jedi/Sith in Star Wars. They are wizards. No two ways about it. They can see moments into the future, they can manipulate the thoughts of others, they can lift stuff remotely, heck they can throw lightning bolts at people! Is it magic? Not to them. It’s explainable. Little microbes are to blame. I would love to see a SENSEABLE version of magic over the hand-wavy “Magic is magic” explanation.


  1. How common is magic: 3/10
    • I think magic should be something that is publicly known but uncommonly seen. By uncommonly, I don’t mean rarely, just that it’s uncommon.
  2. How is magic used?
    • Magic is not something that is just there. As Tricen stated, the “magic is magic” explanation just will not do. This is what I’m thinking. Magic should be something that is part of the world, maybe even “nature” itself. As magic is used, the planet is drained. The stronger the magic, the more it drains from the planet. It is not an infinite resource but it is replenishable. What I mean by this is, a single spell could drain the planet (or even multiple spells cast at one time), but as long as the planet has any amount left, it can self replenish. If all of it is drained though, it could would cause the destruction of the planet.
  3. How is it manifested?
    • Magic is not something that everyone has the capacity to use it. I do not want to use blood lines to explain this, because it can severely limit characters. Also, using the idea of “stars/planets were aligned when the person was born” isn’t good either, because it severely limits which characters can use it. I think it should just be something that a person is born with, almost as if humanity is going through an evolutionary process. Since it’s going through an evolutionary process, not everyone uses magic the same. Some have the ability to understand and have created/use special devices to channel the magic. Others (obviously they would be younger in age) have evolved to the point where they can channel it without the need for a medium.
  4. How is it viewed/accepted? (6/10)
    • Magic is viewed by the populace in different ways. There are those that are in awe of it’s capabilities and there are those that are afraid of what it is/could become. These differences in views could steam from what they have personally seen magic used for (do I read backstory for a town?).
  5. Limits?
    • I don’t like the idea of spell books. Spell books imply that magic is so known, that they have written volumes of books about what is avalible. If following with my idea that magic use was evolved into humans, then you have to understand they are still discovering it. Also, magic should be draining on the person that is using it. Think of it almost like stamina. As magic is used, it drains stamina from that person.


I like where this is going. Here is my next set of questions for boundaries, definitions, and parameters of magic. Along with commentary:

  • How is magic further defined? What happens when magic is manifested, what forces are at work?
  • What is the source of magic? Ie if there is a limit or a pool to draw from, define that.
  • How is magic understood and used? How does one become more skilled in magic?
  • (LOADED QUESTION) Specifically, how does society view magic and what is it’s role?
  • What is a term for magic users(Wizards? Magicians, Mages? Something original-prefered)
  • Is magic called magic, and further more, what is it’s manifestation called?
  • How are they regarded how are they treated? Socio/Polical standing? Role in society?
  • What types of advantages/disadvantages comes from being magical? Fame/Notoriety. Type of attention.
  • How are magical aids/artifacts created?
    Give a specific example of a magical aid, artifact, enchantment, etc.
  • What is magic commonly used for?
    Give examples of “spell” or manifestation to show the range of what is possible.
  • Consider what is not possible for our magic.
    Perhaps you can give examples of thing you do not want our magic to do, but defining what is not possible, is also important.
  • What makes one gifted, others less, and some none?
    Some ideas have been expressed, but nothing solidified. For use to use a “gifted” system there has to be something (even if we decide it’s random we need to define what is random) that determines who is what.
  • How is magic expressed in nature? Rhetorical at the moment.
    This is more food for thought – what defines a magical beast, how are they formed.

Now I have more question, and some ideas that going into more depth but I want a better idea of where we want this to be going. Also precviously I addressed magic users as Gifted, Learned, Enabled, ungifted. I would like to renamed those groups: Gifted, Adept, Sensitive, Inept.

  • Forces at work – I would present magic as the manifestation of the caster’s will power over this elemental or natural energy (defined by next question). (That being said, that energy must be further defined, which I can do if this idea is adopted.) In a sense this energy is always available around us (like oxygen) and if a caster has the will power/stamina (the fuel) they can force a manifestation (spark) of the energy/mana into something (something being the result of all three components put together). This topic can be further explored once the source of magic is defined.
  • Source – We seem to be leaning towards a type of magic this is powered by the earth, or more specifically, the spirit of the earth. Ie Mako Energy. Please reflect on how detailed this will have to be in order to be “believable.” It is simply not good enough to say, as you use magic it drains nature. We have to be able to explain the process (even if not in great detail – consider that you know how the cycle of mako energy works even though it’s make believe.)
    I’d also like to promote the concept of a geomancer. By most FF classes a geomancer used the magic within nature itself to perform their combat role. In DnD a geomancer is a class than uses laylines within the world as focus points to create magic like any other class. In the real world geomancer are people who draw their energy from the earth. I believe we can borrow information and history from the real world geomancer version to supplement what we are trying to create. Geomancy. Please note that you don’t have to read the whole article, only that is may have useful points to borrow.
  • Understanding/Use – This too will be easier to define as we define on the nature and manifestation of magic. Though I’ll still add my input which runs parallel to the nature/mako/geomancer form: Those gifted with the ability to use magic are able to be sensitive the the mana around them. As one gains knowledge/understanding/power they become not only more sensitive to the mana around them but also able to manipulate it more.
    I can give example of this: Gymnastic athlete; Not everyone is gifted to have the body of the athlete (Gifted, Talented, unGifted). But even those who have the potential may never realize their full potential. Only through training of the body (Increasing sensitivity of mana) are they even able to perform difficult tasks. Yet even with the capacity to perform it still required discipline and practice to perform complicated maneuvers (experience and understanding)
  • Role in Society – In that magic users are rare, it would be understandable that they would be desired. In our society there would never be a magic user cleaning the streets. In the same way that a Witch Doctor sits beside of the Chief, those capable of using magic are given special rank, privileges, access and benefits. Recognize however that this is because governments, villages, or any group that posses magic uses wants to keep them. They are valuable, and powerful icons – even if they themselves are not that powerful. The capability of using magic is assurance of nobility (used as example currently, caste systems comes later, lol.) Some magic users are actually loyal to their group, most however recognize their worth, and will exploit opportunities. Needless to say, there is no magic user who cleans the streets or takes out the trash (at least they would never have to). Magic users are exalted and praised, but most serve out of fear of losing their icons. That is what most magic users are, icons. As few as are capable of using magic, even fewer take the effort to be become more skilled. Instead indulging in the pleasures offered by their nobility. In truth, the truly powerful rarely flaunt their power. If everyone knew the full potential of magic perhaps they wouldn’t revere it as they do.
    The manifestation of magic, that is the first manifestation of magic varies with person. Though it is much more common in young adolescents it has occurred in toddlers and old men alike. The true trigger is unknown, though the outcome is unmistakable. And as soon as word spreads of a “new” magic manifestation, you can be certain that someone, from somewhere, with a caravan of goods will show up shortly and recruit him or her.

Alright, I’m not really sure what to call our magic uses, and really looking for some input. Ideas: Casters, Manipulators, Summoners, Envokers, Channelers, Magi, Enchanters, Nombies, Binders, Gifted. This doesn’t refer to a rank systems but what this world calls magic users in general. I believe once we define what a magic user is called, we can be closer to defining what a magic manifestation is called (ie a spell).

  • Enchantment creation – Difficult topic, since we haven’t define what our magic is for sure yet. But it needs to start being addressed. I think Enchantments can only be created but the Gifted – and lesser versions by the Adept. I’d say that most any item can be enchanted. Enchantments are designed to perform a certain function, basically a spell on a stick (Enchanted sword that deals fire damage). Artifacts would be very powerful magic enchantments. Created either by the extremely gifted, or by a group of gifted. The effects of an artifact can be more varied or complicated than a common enchantment (Weather control for example.) Magical aids would be anything that allows an individual to be more sensitive to mana around them. This most likely would not be something created but rather something that has inherent magical properties (spoils from a magical creature for example.)
  • Common Use – In the flow of a natural type of magic, the most common use of magic would be natural effects that produce profit and benefit for a group or community. Examples include summoning rain for crops, wind for ships. Of course magic can be used for military use, however what silver spoon sucking “generic magic user” would be found risking their hides on a battle field?! More commonly you find enchantment used in combat, though of course their do exist “battle mages.” Generally, however, magic users are considered far to valuable to be exposed to the front lines of a battle.
    As a further explanation of use, magic can be used for combat attack, physical advantages, healing, illusions, intelligence gathering, flight, (limited) creation, material manipulation, to name some. Now I will say that I feel like I’ve actually included too much, and I’d like to reduce the capability of magic more or at least specify it more. But I’ll wait for feedback.
  • Limitations – Do we want to actually include summons via magic? Is mind manipulation possible, or controlling of thoughts? Do love spells exist? I’m going to stay away from adding my own limitation at the moment, though I would encourage some strong rules about what magic cannot do as I believe it can be important. it is very clear what a Jedi can and cannot do, which makes it more comfortable. To end this, we are trying to stay away from hand waving everything.
  • Gifted – I know Dart that you said you didn’t want a blood line and that you didn’t want it to be something the “stars decided.” But it does have to be something. Even if people are Evolving into magic that still promotes a choice. I promote this version:

Gaining the ability to use magic is 3s parts your parent’s fault, 3 parts will power and 4 parts luck. While not specifically a bloodline, its common to see an increased number of magic able people within the same family tree. This doesn’t mean father and son, but rather that (in our terms) the sensitivity to magic is a recessive polygenic trait (thats your parent’s fault). (As a result, family with magical heritages often have fixed marriages.) Genetics seems to only provide the sensitivity to magic, which may account for the range and degrees of magic users (Gifted, Adept, etc). Those with the sensitivity still must manifest their magic (thats the will power). Like an unloaded gun, their has to be that push and drive for manifestation. Further more, it can be safely said that there is no such thing as an uncharismatic magic user! Though it’s impossible to prove, it’s entirely possible that there have been those able to use magic who simply never manifested. Magic sensitivity is like a sixth sense, if you don’t have occasion to use it or rely on it, it never gets developed. (thats the luck part.)

  • Natural Magic – We briefly touched on dragons in another section, and I think it would be better to discuss that specially there. However, I wanted to plant the seed for later conversation: Surely humans are not the only ones able to use magic. What other magic wielders might exist and how do they view/use magic… etc etc blah blah blah.

PS – Do I know how to blow up a forum or what???!

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