Editing Content

When editing existing content, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • When editing a page, there is no way for anyone else using the wiki to know that it is being edited at the moment. If more than one person is editing a page at a time, the last one to hit save is the one that gets their information on the page. To help prevent this from happening, when going to edit a page, create a new header at the top of the page using either the h1. tag or the <h1></h1> tags and stat that the page is currently being edited and by whom then hit save. Once this is done, go back in and do your edits, and remove the header tag when finished before saving.
  • Be sure create a new table row at the top of the table for the page history table included on each page. A simple line is all that is needed for the table, such as “Edited on date by user”. At the current moment, what has been edited/added to the page is not needed to be listed

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Created on 01/03/2011 by Dartvalince

Editing Content

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