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Quotes or thoughts that quickly and or articulately express the theme:

“The illusion of choice is a psychological mental model that states humans are happy if they believe that have control over their own actions and can exercise free will. If free will is deprived, or seemingly deprived, from an individual, he or she will become resentful or rebellious, even if the choice forced upon him is identical to the one he would have selected of his own accord”
“The illusion of choice is a mental model that can cause great happiness or great misery even though the outcome is the same. It speaks to a deep need in the human psyche to believe one is in control of one’s own destiny.”
“Ways to Combat the Illusion of Choice
There are several ways to combat the illusion of choice. The most famous three, which I discussed in the past, are Hobson’s Choice, Morton’s Fork, and Burdian’s Ass…”

- Mental Model: The Illusion of Free Will


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